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The Party was great but the pool table is now a mess! How To Clean Your Brunswick Pool Table

The two biggest tools that you will need to purchase are a pool table brush (also known as a broom) and some specially formulated pool table felt cleaner. Other tools and items that you will need you should be able to gather from around the house, such as a clean white absorbent rang, some warm water, and either a handheld vacuum cleaner or a regular vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachments.

Identify any stains. Stains typically need to be dealt with differently than a tabletop that is simply dirty from general use. There are specific steps that need to be taken to deal with stains, but they should only be handled after the table has been generally cleaned so as to avoid any potential problems.

Work the rails. Brush the rails of your pool table using a clean pool broom. When you do this make sure that you are using short, quick strokes to avoid damaging the felts. This should be done routinely.

Start in the center. Starting in the center of your pool table, begin brushing your pool broom in quick short strokes (again to avoid damaging the felt) outwards.

Chose one end. Go over your table once more to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

Vacuum. Place the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, or use a hand vacuum, and go over your tabletop. Don’t forget the pockets.

Dampen your clean white rag and begin working on any stains that there may be.

Apply some cleaner with the damp rag and apply according to instructions.

Dab, dry, inspect, and repeat as necessary. Do not be afraid to change rags if necessary. Inspect after the spot has dried and repeat the last 2 steps as necessary.

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